Wilderness Vagabond reports about the Grand Canyon:

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Thundering the North Rim (1999)

Rafting the Colorado (2000)

Roaring the Redwall (2002)

Jumping Up Into Kanab Creek Wilderness (2004)

Jumping Up into Thundering River (2005)

Long Ranger: Kanab Creek Wilderness: Snake Gulch to Sowats Point (2006)

Eponymous Clear Creek of the Grand Canyon (2007)

Bodacious Beamer (2007)

Slog and Flog South Canyon (2007)

Hermit Hiatus (2008)

Escalante Escalade (2008)

North Rim Day Rambles (2008)

Gnarly Nankoweap (2008)

Precious Canyon Gems: Hermit to South Bass (2009)

Grapevine Galleria of the Grand Canyon: Bright Angel to Grandview on Tonto East (2009)

Torrid Tapeats - Fishtail Frolic: Thunder River-Colorado-Deer Cr. - North Rim (2009)

Hallowed Grand Canyon: Cool Running in The Canyon - BA to Cottonwood to Indian Gardens to Hermit Rest via the Tonto Trail (2009)

Transcendental Trans-Tonto (TTT): Tanner TH to South Bass about 114 miles: Transnavigation of the Tonto Trail and Escalante Route in The Grand Canyon (2010)

Chilly Cheyava Clear (NOT) Creek: Largest falls of the Grand Canyon, Cheyava Falls (2010)

Chocolate Nougat Nankoweap (2010)

Evocative Escalante: Backpacking the Grand Canyon: Tanner Trail - Beamer Trail - Tonto Trail - out Grandview Trail (2011)

Royal Arch Rhapsody: Standard Loopo to Royal Arch - and back - via South Bass TH (2011)

Horsewhip Horsethief Trail (Nankoweap-Kwagunt-Malgosa; 2011)

Volunteer Vamoose: Volunteering in the bottom of The Canyon (2011)

Hermit Hiatus Redux: Hermit Rest to Tonto to Indian Gardens, out Bright Angel Trail (2012)

North Bass Nirvana: Backpacking the North Bass Trail (2012)

Rimster: GC Corridor Cruise, rim-rim-rim in the GC (2012)

Undulating Utah Flats: Backpacking Into Phantom Canyon (2013)

Roving The Happy Horsethief and Bodacious Butte Fault (2013)

Kanab Kaleidoscope Cruise: Backpacking Kanab Creek to Deer Creek (2013)

Snowmageddon in Snake Gulch and Fishtail Frolic: Kanab Creek Wilderness (Backpacking from Sowats Point to Fishtail Mesa, then on the Ranger trail to Kanab Creek and out Snake Gulch; 2014)

A Barnyard of Beefaloo? Bane of Beefaloo! (non-management of beefaloo on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon; and, selected North Rim day hikes, 2014)

VIPs at IG, 2015: GCHBA Volunteer Service Project At IG (Indian Garden), 2015

Hermit Hiatus, Part 3: Indian Garden to Hermit Rest, 2015

Astounding Azure: Beamer to LCR and Escalante Route: LCR (Little Colorado River, an improbable blue), 2015

GCHBA Gusher at Bright Angel: Volunteering at the bottom of The Canyon: Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Ass. (GCHBA), October, 2015

VIP Cottonwood Rehabilitation Cruise: GCHBA Volunteer Service Project At Cottonwood RS (Ranger Station): Working toward a Rim-Rim-Rim / Or - how many ways can one prepare breakfast burritos? Bonus: Article about Dual Ribbon Falls Oases Grand Canyon Hikers and Backpackers Ass. (GCHBA), March, 2016

Grapevine Galleria, Redux! Grandview to BA: Visiting Hance Creek, Circum-ambulation of Horseshoe Mesa, Cottonwood Creek, Grapevine, Lonetree, Bright Angel Campground, Indian Garden; October, 2016

Finding Phantom: GCHBA Volunteer Service Project At Phantom RS (Ranger Station) and Bright Angel CG; October, 2016

Canyon Rover: Vandalism and Poop Patrol on the Corridor Trails of Grand Canyon NP, Painting Ramadas at IG, Refurbishing the River Ranger Station; March, 2017

Grand Canyon: Tuckup Trace -- Tuckup "Trail"/ 150-Mile / Esplanade / Corkscrew Spring / Little Joe and Hotel Spring; April, 2017

Nougat of Nankoweap, 2017 -- Nankoweap #4 / Nankoweap to Kwagunt / Kwagunt to Nankoweap / Climb Nankoweap Butte; September 23 to October 4, 2017

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