Thrashorama in Upper Salt Creek

Needles District of Canyonlands National Park

Visiting SC3, the Salt-Horse Zone, Angel Arch

September 21 to 28, 2016

by Rob Jones

(Text © copyright by Rob Jones; Photos © copyright by Rob Jones
Upper Salt from the TH, Day 1
Upper Salt from the TH, Day 1
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All American Man, Day 1
All American Man, Day 1
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Four Faces, Day 1
Four Faces, Day 1
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Angel Arch and Molar Rock, Day 3
Angel Arch and Molar Rock, Day 3
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The Needles at sunset, Day 3
The Needles at sunset, Day 3
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The Shaman, Day 5
The Shaman, Day 5
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Topo map using my GPS track
Topo map using my GPS track
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GPS track shown in above map. Right click on this link to get the track (not the map) for use in your mapping software.

pdf of Canyonlands NP backcountry camps
pdf of Canyonlands NP backcountry camps (PDF file; 336 kb)
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movie 2, Day 3, Under Angel Arch  to Junction Butte, 18mb.MP4
movie 2, Day 3, Under Angel Arch to Junction Butte, 18mb.MP4
(Click the image to see the short video)

      Background: This is a follow-up trip to the 2014 Knocked About In The Needles District (click here for this report), where I broke my ankle, fracturing the adventure. I wanted to finish and extend this fracture adventure, so I applied for an Upper Salt Creek backpack permit and hit the trail.
      You will not see waypoints for any of the archeological features (e.g., ruins, pictos, petros) in the report maps. You will see references to camps and arches.
      If you hike the Needles District in the Fall, I suggest you are mindful of the vegetation growth created by a decent monsoon (series of desert thunderstorms) and plan your equipment for a thrashorama. It's a lot different than Spring hiking in this same area.

      47 miles; ERM = 64

      Co-adventurers: 0 (solo trip)

      camera: Panasonic DMC-ZS19

      Prelim; Day 0: Cathedral Butte Bound: To Salt Creek South TH. Camp @ 7100'.
      The weather forecast disintegrates as departure time approaches, increasingly greater chances of rain, possible thunderstorms. Even a chance of snow at the North Long Point weather station in the Abajo Mountains. "Yikes!" I mutter with trepidation. In addition, a call to the Needles District Ranger Station reveals cautions about thick vegetation and lost hikers. There's no mention of the fire closure near the junction of Upper Salt and the Angel Arch arm until I successfully bump up the Beef Basin Road to the Cathedral Butte TH and read the TH sign. Not good, the closed area appears to be fairly broad and includes a wide zone from SC4 to far below the Angel Arch junction. Drat.
      I start setting up camp, then retreat to the truck as a series of light rains surge across the plateau. No issues, I listen to a Jack Reacher audio book while water dribbles off the truck shell. Back to sprawling in the camp chair, I cook dinner as clouds obscure the waning sun, happy that I drove up the 18 miles of dirt and clay prior to the spitting storms, which so far are not enough to make travel difficult. There was one other vehicle near the TH, and it left toward Natural Bridges via this Elk Ridge Road near sunset. To bed with nearby winds prowling through the Pinyon-Juniper Pygmy Forest.

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." - Stephen Colbert

      Day 1: Four Faces of SC3. To Salt Creek Camp 3 (SC3) : Cathedral Butte TH (Trail Head; about 7,000') to SC3; 9.5 miles. ERM = 12.5. Camp @ 5700'.
      The well-dressed figures smile down at me, the lone hiker in Upper Salt Creek today, as clouds boil above the Cedar Mesa Sandstone walls framing this lovely canyon system. Rain spatters briefly as the Faces watch me filtering water and gathering a bucket of water for a bath. It's been an unsettled day with a vigorous wind rushing dark clouds over Canyonlands.
      This morning, the wind was raging as I dropped off the high point near Cathedral Butte and into Upper Salt Creek. After wading through the first jungle of reeds and willows, I arrive at the lovely spring above Kirk's Cabin and stop for an early lunch #1. The wind attempts to disperse my lunch items throughout the canyon, but I successfully retrieve them all. Kirk Arch, Elephant Trunk, Ring, a couple of unnamed arches, ruins, distant pictos sheltered under rock overhangs, gorgeous stuff. I pause for lunch #2 at the All American Man, thankful for the rest before the last mile to SC3.
      Then, another jungle of reeds before reaching the upper cascade that precedes Upper Jump. One cannot see where they are going in this patch of reeds, or how good is the footing either. Good water cascades over slickrock and drops into a pool below the SC3 spring, where the water looks deep enough to submerge a camel.
      I set up camp and realize I've forgotten my binoculars for spotting ruins, alum, and my drink mixes. Argh. I can and will do without, yet miss these items all the same, especially the binoculars.
      A light rain pesters me at dinner, and eventually chases me into the tent just before sunset. Thunder rumbles in the canyon arms to the South. With very modest wandering, the daily mileage is 9.5.
      Goodnight from under a gracious Gamble Oak at SC3.

Day 1 Photos - 2016 Needles District Backpack

Click thumbnail to see full size image
wneedles-salt-2016  day1-1  Off the rim.jpg (263439 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-1 Off the rim.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-2  overgrown.jpg (522901 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-2 overgrown.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-3  first pictos today.jpg (374481 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-3 first pictos today.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-4  ruin and art.jpg (345319 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-4 ruin and art.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-5  Kirk Arch.jpg (391210 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-5 Kirk Arch.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-6  Kirk fence.jpg (277380 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-6 Kirk fence.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-7  Kirk Cabin.jpg (282174 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-7 Kirk Cabin.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-8  Ring Arch.jpg (320322 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-8 Ring Arch.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-9  Green on green.jpg (467985 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-9 Green on green.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-10  another arch.jpg (281019 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-10 another arch.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-11  near the AA Man.jpg (264266 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-11 near the AA Man.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-12  AA Man at home.jpg (267479 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-12 AA Man at home.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-13  4 Faces.jpg (405988 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-13 4 Faces.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-14  4 Faces.jpg (306886 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-14 4 Faces.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day1-15  smoky ruin.jpg (368468 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day1-15 smoky ruin.jpg

movie 1, Day 1, Four Faces, 15mb
movie 1, Day 1, Four Faces, 15mb
(Click the image to see the short video)

      Day 2: Almost An Angel. To near Angel Arch junction: 6 miles. ERM = 8. Camp @ 5400'.
      Yikes, there's 20 feet of vine following me, caught in the pack. Thrashing through the monsoonal vegetation growth is slow and it's easy to get off course. Sometimes there is no course. Once again, I miss an obscure turn and flounder for awhile before finding a rutted watercourse that is the route. Popping out onto the bench below the ledge ruins, I look in vain for the Shaman, yet enjoy the other pictos and the structures. One ruin, hidden in a small recess, is so well preserved that one can still see the ancient craftswomen fingerprints in the mortar. Wondrous. Then, back in the drainage to SC4, and past what appears to be high stranded rincon. The few times that I can see much of the canyon walls, there are usually ruins to be seen. So much to explore, and little time because of my slow pace. The going is intermittently smooth and open as I work my way to the burned area just upstream from the Angel Arch junction. The old vehicle sign remains at the junction, a reminder of the repeated fights to remove then keep out vehicles from Upper Salt Creek. The ORV blue smoke crowd insisted that Salt Creek is a developed road, while the Park and conservationists cited the oil and damage to the ecosystem.
      I invest extra time in finding a tent site somewhat protected from the prying wind and from the sun. I believe that I'm not far from the location of the old Bates Wilson camp, removed when the jeep road was abandoned. A large Cottonwood and several mounds of brush provide shelter for a decent tent spot, although the kitchen is out in the wind alley. Good enough, and I'm hoping for nicer weather after today.
      For the second day, I see no one and no fresh tracks.
      Last night, the wind howled and it intermittently rained throughout the night. I sleep in and the wind drops to near calm for breakfast. The sky starts to shed clouds, yet I'm still OK with toting the heavier rain pants because of the specter of floundering through the wet reeds and brush. I hang up the tent in the tree to dry and unfurl the solar roll to charge when the sun struggles free about 8:30 a.m. It warms and all the warm clothes go into the pack. Glorious.
      However, there's nearly always a however, the wind returns and so do the clouds, making it chilly in the shade.
      Now in camp 2, it's cool enough that I retire to the tent to finish these journal notes, finding that the wool hat feels fine.

Day 2 Photos - 2016 Needles District Backpack

Click thumbnail to see full size image
wneedles-salt-2016  day2-1  picto.jpg (278802 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-1 picto.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day2-2  picto.jpg (311762 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-2 picto.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day2-3  on the ledge.jpg (324060 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-3 on the ledge.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day2-4  tiny ruin.jpg (324348 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-4 tiny ruin.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day2-5  canyon sweep.jpg (426893 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-5 canyon sweep.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day2-6  petro.jpg (326329 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-6 petro.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day2-7  picto.jpg (311696 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-7 picto.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day2-8  shard.jpg (526618 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-8 shard.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day2-9  canyon view.jpg (401611 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day2-9 canyon view.jpg

      Day 3: Arching Angel. To Angel Arch and rincon exploring: 7 miles. ERM = 9. Camp @ 5400'.
      Deafeningly quiet. That's how the morning begins. Stationary clouds have silently lidded the Canyonlands and it's eerily quiet.
      I refill all the water containers and batten down the camp before heading to Angel Arch. There are still erosion sections from the long ago ORVs grinding up Angel Arch Canyon, the rock jumbles making an uneven walk. Then, parts are clogged with brush before a trail heads out of the drainage and to the base of Molar Rock, curiously balanced on a sandstone wave. Behind it and high on a lip of the wall arches Angel Arch. The arch beckons.
      I recall a route to beneath the arch, and that it contains some climby challenges. I set out after unrolling the solar collector (hoping for full sun) and soon pick up a route marked with rock cairns. There is one rounded slickrock friction gription and a few other clingons on the way to the buttresses of the arch. I pat the Angel Arch buttress for my good friend Bob F., The Archman, this was one of his favorite arches. The sky has cleared enough that the gorgeous robin egg blue provides a terrific backdrop.
      Back at Molar Rock, I enjoy lunch in a small alcove that protects from the brisk wind and is shallow enough for the feet to be in the intermittent sun.
      Back at the Salt-Angel junction, I drift down canyon and inspect what was once the Angel Arch Camp (probably an historic camp, later a vehicle camp, most recently a hiker camp). Toasted to ash.
      Back in camp, I inspect the map and go to explore the Rincon just upstream, and find only low destroyed walls. Continuing across canyon, I climb to the ledge and find little, and follow the ledge around the nose of the fin and into the park just above camp. There are ruins on an unscalable ledge where one can see remnants of what might have been a climbing tower. Not today.
      Cold unproductive storm squalls pulse through all day. T-shirt, long sleeve, wind jacket, back to t-shirt, etc. It's a clothing rotation all day long.
      A few Cottonwood leafs are sporting their Fall yellow. At sunset the canyon sports yellow, some salmon, vivid.

Day 3 Photos - 2016 Needles District Backpack

Click thumbnail to see full size image
wneedles-salt-2016  day3-1  cattails.jpg (430592 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-1 cattails.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-2  Angel Arch.jpg (371042 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-2 Angel Arch.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-3  Molar from Angel.jpg (357430 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-3 Molar from Angel.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-4  Angel Arch.jpg (249669 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-4 Angel Arch.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-5  Angel Arch.jpg (124465 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-5 Angel Arch.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-6  Molar and Angel.jpg (297838 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-6 Molar and Angel.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-7  picto.jpg (279010 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-7 picto.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-8  crisply.jpg (493249 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-8 crisply.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-9  sunset.jpg (220646 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-9 sunset.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-10  sunset.jpg (153323 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-10 sunset.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-11  sunset.jpg (128027 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-11 sunset.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day3-12  sunset.jpg (134574 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day3-12 sunset.jpg

      Day 4: Salt Salutation. Down to no particular place in Salt Creek: 7.5 miles. ERM = 9.5. Camp @ 5400'.
      It's a brisk and clear, for the first morning, day. Chilly in the shade and delightful in the sun.
      Down Salt Creek I hike, past the Kissing Cows Arch, winding serpent-like, meander after meander. I observe that the fire was concentrated at the Angel Arch junction and didn't extend far in either canyon. I see Kirk Fence, apparently where Kirk, homesteader prior to the declaration of Canyonlands National Park, found this narrow spot in the canyon easy to fence off. Obliging canyon walls provided the rest of the barrier. A bit of work to form a natural corral.
      I continue for awhile, then start back, pausing in a low alcove for a leisurely lunch. The section I hike today is more easily traversed than the jungle section between Angel Arch junction and SC3. It also seems less studded with ruins and pictos. Sections where the jeep road once cut across slightly higher benches remain somewhat intact, and make for easy traveling. Perhaps the canyon is a bit wider, allowing parts to dry out and cut down on the vegetation growth? Maybe the flow of water is less consistent along here?
      For the fourth day, I see no one else. Yet the Ravens talk at me as I pass their observation rocks.

Day 4 Photos - 2016 Needles District Backpack

Click thumbnail to see full size image
wneedles-salt-2016  day4-1 reflection.jpg (252662 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day4-1 reflection.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day4-2  Kirk fence.jpg (703199 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day4-2 Kirk fence.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day4-3  petro.jpg (283031 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day4-3 petro.jpg

      Day 5: SC3 Shaman Return. To SC3:   6 miles. ERM = 8. Camp @ 5700'.
      It's a frosty morning, requiring the full regalia of clothing (all the clothing you have), plus gloves. It's clear and crisp and quiet.
      I set out on another Shaman quest, thrash through the jungle past SC4 and pause for lunch #1 before scouring the slickrock, ledges, and hoodoos for the haunting pictograph I feel is The Shaman. How could I have missed finding it on the way down? It is The Shaman, yet is it also a shape-shifter? And, I recall being out exploring anew a couple of years ago when I turned and was face to shocking Shaman. Mystical. Will some walking meditation free the mind of rust and allow animal magnetism to pull me to The Shaman?
      So, I look high and low then farther where I previously looked, and there is The Shaman! Yoweee. I feel complete.
      Then, lunch #2 followed by more thrashing and route finding issues, the dense grass, horsetail, willows, tamarisk, vines, thistles, reeds, young Cottonwood, other stuff grabbing at my boots, the pack, body parts. Argh. It's easy to miss a turn in this vegetation mire.
      Viewed from SC3, the Neapolitan colors bask in the low angle of sunset. I'm happy to switch to the cleaner, nearly Sierra-like water near SC3, leaving behind the tannin-infused brown brine of lower Salt Creek. Where did the name "Salt Creek" originate anyway? My stomach gurgles agreement. All is right in this canyon camp; alpine spaghetti with cocoa, excellent camp and vistas, quiet except for the occasional McCain-Reed jet overflights, you know, the noise that doesn't count as noise (only from the profit point of air tour terrorists in The Grand Canyon). Solitude. Yet, there are new footprints in my camp since I was last here, indicating that at least one other person is skulking the canyon. But I see no one but the little brown bat collecting bugs and swooping about me like a midget satellite as I enjoy an after sunset stroll to the Four Faces.

Day 5 Photos - 2016 Needles District Backpack

Click thumbnail to see full size image
wneedles-salt-2016  day5-1  morning.jpg (128657 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day5-1 morning.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day5-2  trail work.jpg (525392 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day5-2 trail work.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day5-3  garden.jpg (643646 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day5-3 garden.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day5-4  Shaman.jpg (276374 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day5-4 Shaman.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day5-5  pack rat palace.jpg (407894 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day5-5 pack rat palace.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day5-6  camp view.jpg (268086 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day5-6 camp view.jpg

movie 3, Day 5, Shaman, 14mb
movie 3, Day 5, Shaman, 14mb
(Click the image to see the short video)

      Day 6: Ruination Ramble. To SC1: 7 miles (plus perhaps 4 exploring). ERM = 9. Camp @ 5870'.
      About 8 a.m. the sun reaches camp and then the day warms. Just good solar load at first, then some warmth. The early light brings forth the color hues in the Cedar Mesa Sandstone. Spectacular. Slightly chilled fingers are transformed into working digits.
      It's cool enough to wear a long-sleeved shirt for the brief thrash through the reeds, and it's too hot to wear by the All American Man.
      I pause to search for a hidden panel I call The Eight Faces, which was unexpectedly found while arch hunting many years ago. I look for the fallen arch, then start crawling through rock cracks and come face to Eight Faces. Fallen arch? Maybe, all that remain are suspicious-looking buttresses from which one can imagine an arch arching high above.
      I come literally face to face with the faces in tight confines as I lilt around the corner of a rock wall. The crack is narrow enough that it's difficult to include all the faces in a photo. It appears that the art work for the faces is incomplete, either that or they have faded substantially over the past 800 years or so. Either way, it's a wonderful discovery.
      I then head for what might be called The Big Ruin because of the number of structures laid out along a high ledge, one that is inaccessible to all but the climbing elite. It looks possible to get up on the ledge, and I am not sure about coming back down. The Big Ruin is across the canyon from the trail. People, apparently trying to be helpful, and in the process destroying the archeological value, have collected pot shards of a wide range of construction and color schemes and arranged them on a rock. There's also a broken metate.
      A bit farther, and I wade the sage into an alcove and find two picto panels.
      Now getting late, I head for the Kirk's Cabin area and camp. It's a pleasant evening, but for some bandit campers, the first people seen in 6 days, making too much noise somewhere in the rocks by Kirk's Cabin.
      Deep dark of 9 p.m. brings forth the glare and glitter of the Milky Way and billions of its accompanying stars. It's an excellent last night in Upper Salt Creek.

Day 6 Photos - 2016 Needles District Backpack

Click thumbnail to see full size image
wneedles-salt-2016  day6-1  morn at sc3.jpg (218114 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-1 morn at sc3.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-2  4 faces.jpg (422219 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-2 4 faces.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-3  hand picto.jpg (466653 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-3 hand picto.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-4  alcove.jpg (156700 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-4 alcove.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-5  picto.jpg (260284 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-5 picto.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-6  heads.jpg (250375 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-6 heads.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-7  heads.jpg (236361 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-7 heads.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-8  shards.jpg (513746 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-8 shards.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-9  hands.jpg (340377 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-9 hands.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-10  mano and metate.jpg (368635 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-10 mano and metate.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-11  picto.jpg (399301 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-11 picto.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day6-12  picto.jpg (578823 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day6-12 picto.jpg

movie 4, Day 6, Eight Faces, 8mb
movie 4, Day 6, Eight Faces, 8mb
(Click the image to see the short video)

movie 5, Day 6,  Big Ruin, 19mb
movie 5, Day 6, Big Ruin, 19mb
(Click the image to see the short video)

      Day 7: Cathedral Climb. To Cathedral Butte TH: 4 miles. ERM = 8.
      In the contemplative crepuscular time prior to the arrival of the sun, I sit on my sandstone bench at SC1 and contemplate a trip well hiked. Again, it's total natural quiet, a peaceful alternative to life with constant noise, light that eliminates the stars, and a visual desolation wrought by corporations of the bland (yet greedy beyond bounds), and so many people, people hurrying here, there, so many and on a devastating line of geometric progression population explosion that makes rabbits hide in shame. Except for the (some) women, gorgeous works of art beautifying the world.
      It is a brief climb up to the TH, through the reed jungle and out of the Cedar Mesa Sandstone and the Cutler Formation. To the Beef Basin/Elk Ridge Road and off the Plateau, home, after fulfilling the Thrashorama in Upper Salt Creek.

Day 7 Photos - 2016 Needles District Backpack

Click thumbnail to see full size image
wneedles-salt-2016  day7-1  Kirk Cabin.jpg (432219 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day7-1 Kirk Cabin.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day7-2  fallen.jpg (407600 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day7-2 fallen.jpg

wneedles-salt-2016  day7-3  storm arrives.jpg (123777 bytes)

wneedles-salt-2016 day7-3 storm arrives.jpg

. .


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