Wilderness Vagabond reports about hiking the Arizona Trail:

These reports are in NUMERICAL order; counting from the South to the North of the 800 mile long AZT (Mexican border at AZT 0, to the AZ/Utah line at AZT 800). AZT is Arizona Trail

    From the South to the North, here are the reports about hiking the AZT, Arizona Trail. I'll fill in the gaps as I hike along.

Click on any link to go to that report. Enjoy!

Oracle to Mt. Peeley; AZT miles 200.8 to 404.2 = 203.4 miles; the AZT 200 (2016)

Mt. Peeley to the East Verde River; AZT miles 404.2 to 438.4 = 34.2 miles; Ambling Arizona Trail: Mazatzal Divide (2015)

The AZT 2017 (2017); AZT mile 438.4 to 625.6 = 187.2 miles: East Verde River to Cedar Ranch Trailhead (2017)

Part 2 of the AZT 2017: Cedar Ranch Trailhead to the North Kaibab Trailhead; AZT 625.6 at Cedar Ranch TH to the North Kaibab TH at AZT 717.4 = 91.8 miles (2017)

Crossing THE Canyon - Rimster, rim to rim on the South to North Kaibab Trails. AZT mile 690.6 to 717.4 = 26.8 miles (2012, also included in link directly above)

Wishing you rainbows from the AZT

Wishing you rainbows from the AZT! WV

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