Sampler of photos
Wasatch Mountains, La Sals, Arches NP, Yosemite, Sequoia, and other places

Summer, 2001
by Rob Jones
(Text and Photos © copyright by Rob Jones)

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Wasatch Mountain Photos

Butterfly and thistle (59878 bytes) Butterfly  (54766 bytes) Butterfly and coneflower (65641 bytes) Wasatch Columbine (40206 bytes) coneflower with bee (67557 bytes) FIREWEED in bloom (86931 bytes) Dr. Jim rests before the next climb (61240 bytes) Wild leaves (78316 bytes) Monkey Flower (50534 bytes)

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Childproof the Earth (78820 bytes) Colorado River near The Portal (61503 bytes) Dinosaur Footprint (97267 bytes) Double O Arch (84087 bytes) Jughandle Arch (80709 bytes) lane in Arches NP (77959 bytes) Delicate Arch  (60247 bytes) Balanced Rock (69893 bytes) Kathleen and Long Canyon (78746 bytes) Kathleen on Manns Peak, LaSal Mtns. (76518 bytes) Along the Potash Road (80754 bytes) Bear Petro along Potash Road (67878 bytes) Mesa Arch (80537 bytes) Rangey Rabbit (54905 bytes) Skyline Arch (85185 bytes) Wall Arch (78156 bytes) White Rim from Grandview Pt. (55633 bytes) Wolf Cr. Petros. (60950 bytes)

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Tunnel View in Yosemite NP Manzanita Rob, Kathleen, enjoying sunset with El Capitan

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Tune in again for additions to these sampler photos. For a limited time, these photos are at the resolution right out of my camera (i.e., they are not squashed or compressed). I will probably be required to squish them when I add a few more reports... so, enjoy. Alternatively, you may explore a trip report on the Wild Vagabond site (button above).

Remember, wherever you go there you are! Cheerio, rob