Cedar Mesa Somewhere
Hiking the Trails of the Ancients

(Somewhere in Southern Utah)

(Text and Photos © copyright by Rob Jones)
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This report is brief. I hope to add entries from my hiking partners..... You will not see specifics, nor will sites be identified.

I hope you enjoy the poetic report and the ode to gw bush-leaguers monologue. Happy trails to you. :-) rob

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Rob's Photos
Timoring Towhee
Ancient Way (narrative report)
Shallow End of the Gene Pool (ode to gw bush leaguers)

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Rob and Cedar Mesa Pictos
Corn Woman Picto
Women with large breasts
Breech birth scene picto
Rob and friend
Rob and friend
Arthritic Kokopelli picto
Cedar Mesa hiking group
Sheep on a bicycle - picto
Cedar Mesa petroglyphs
cedar mesa arch
Cedar Mesa Natural Arch (50000 bytes)
cedar mesa arch
Cedar Mesa Natural Arch (36000 bytes)
cedar mesa arch
Cedar Mesa Natural Arch (26000 bytes)
cedar mesa composite
cedar mesa composite of photos #1
cedar mesa composite
cedar mesa composite of photos #2
cedar mesa composite
cedar mesa composite of photos #3

Timoring Towhee (by Rob, Day 3; Haiku)
(the haiku poem breaks at five syllables, seven, and again five)

Timoring Towhee
Kicks out bugs within our sight
"Towhee!" said with glee
Murmuring - "Wildness delight!"

Ancient Way (by Rob)

Hard boot, hard trail
it's not the Ancient way.
Hiking through graupel and hail
We dream we could, yet will not stay.

We see etched petroglyphs, pictographs,
exploring pueblos, ancient ones.
Perhaps, this might be our epitaph
today, our wilderness moniker is "having fun!"

Pictos, petros, rambling art?
At first, just squiggles.
Where's a story, not just a part?
Perceptions comical, we revert to giggles.

Lines so pure
and handprints slapped.
Chiseled features, by hands sure,
atheistic, artistic, inscriptions rapt.

We hike into and then out of
canyons cluttered, middens of yore.
Pausing, we languish, relish songs of Mourning Dove,
canyon bend, more ancestral work by those who trod before.

Adobe fingerprints
arching alcoves.
Broken shards glint
in ancient treasure troves.

Scurrying reptiles
and lizards leaping.
Broken matates in piles,
near granaries, for corn keeping.

Four friends packing
reflections reticulated.
Clear water not lacking,
we won't end up desiccated.

Ravens spiral,
floating buzzard hawk too.
Sun slips, after awhile
giving canyon colors a wondrous hue.

Coursing dust devil, Redtail too
sacred cows make the best hamburger
I'll relish in wilderness, will you?
vegetarians rejoice, share the Limburger.

Wondrous things we see,
and ancient way beckons.
Comrades are we,
returning, we reckon.....

Shallow End Of The Gene Pool (by Rob)

Ode to gw bush-leaguers...
from the shallow end of the gene pool.
Our public lands they rape, they beleaguer
doing industries' bidding, an oil man's, miners' tool

The West ain't where you're bound
but where you play, work and stay.
Wall Street Journal in New York. Paris. Moab?
the geographically challenged, sipping eastern lattes.

Every day is Earth Day
when you're dabbling in the dirt.
Contrast corporations, full-spread marketing array
while coating cyanide with money, the future becomes inert.

Everywhere's a boom town
because we're hurtling to 7 billion.
Technology's facade crown
genetically modifying foods, us? Seems vaudevillian.

Is life quality important?
Or is money, power, all!
With greed, population corpulent,
as a species, we're due a long fall.

Bigger homes, families, coffers?
Can economists learn to subtract?
Imagine what a sense of space and place offers
wildness has no value, if not in a stack?

Make kindness our religion!
replace "faiths" that marginalize?
Which urge overpopulation as mission
all this amounts to genocide?

Ultra conservative with the compassion!
Corporate "religion" shoved down throats?
Star wars frenzy, our futures look ashen.
Humans starve while republicans bloat.

ORVs, the blue smoke hoard, scourge to our public lands
these, if gw was a conservative, he would prohibit.
These wasteful chainsaws on water, snow, dirt be banned,
air, water, sound, visual pollution he would inhibit!

Coyote canyon, raucous raven, spiraling buzzard hawk too?
keeping Mother Nature pristine is not a wall street aspiration.
gw folk will take the resources, money, give future toxic brew,
Sentient citizens fear the result will be an aberration.

Take my advise I'm not using it
imply the rich, supply-side cabinet
Big SUV, big family, big oil, big hypocrite
If a citizen of earth, please be a big reticent!

Is the glass half full?
could it be a matter of perception?
Dormant pawns of right-wing pull?
Consider the here, the now, the next election!

The shallow end of the gene pool?
Money around republicans' waists is a green belt?
Over wilderness, open space, oil men do drool
and accumulating social/ecological impact felt. :-(

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Please take good care,
And, remember:
Wherever you go there you are! (It's sooooo much better than full catastrophe living)
I hope that the parts that are "deja vu all over again"
are the most wondrous aspects of your life....
;-)) rob